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Ask-the-Pros: Get Expert Advice on Where to Go Next!

When you have a research question, “Ask-the-Pros” at Family History Expos. We offer you several options to receive answers to your queries: Attend one of our Ask-the-Pros broadcasts Read this Blog Submit your query to our online Ask-the-Pros Q & A Our online Ask-the-Pros Q & A is a free service to our subscribers. Simply go to and login. You will see your name in the top box. Enter your question in the “Your Question” box with as much... Read More →

American Revolution

Using Online Tools to Locate Military Maps

Presented by James L. Tanner This information is taken from one section included  in our Beginning Military Research Guide. We expect you will find the links included here beneficial to your research. Although it is evident that there are a huge number of genealogically important source documents that have not made their way online through digitization efforts, maps are an exception to that rule. Every inch of the world’s surface is now available in digital format. Tens of thousands of historical... Read More →

Family History Expos

10 Ways to Find More Ancestors

We truly enjoy assisting you to become a genealogical expert. For almost 15 years, Family History Expos has been sponsoring events throughout the United States. We are dedicated to facilitating family history education through offering events, handouts, Research Guides, charts, software, and more. Our new live broadcasts now allow us to serve more of our friends and fellow family history researchers residing all over the world, at an affordable price. Here are 10 ways for you to participate in our... Read More →