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“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

By Lorraine I. Quillon I watch “Jeopardy” all the time and am constantly amazed when the topic is modern music and performing groups. They might as well be talking Slovenian! So for all of those of our readers who occupy an age group that recognizes the above title taken from a song and can tell me who performed it and when, here is a message from me directly to you. Holly Hansen and I have been friends for many years. She knows things that my brain only begins to comprehend (often after she... Read More →


Capturing Dad’s Story

By Jennifer H. Johnson Do you know how your dad proposed to your mother? What do you know about their first date? How did your father feel about being a teenager? These are questions whose answers you may never know unless you ask. The best place to start your genealogy research is with the people who are still alive. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s not such a new idea, however. Most professional genealogists will encourage you to start finding information by just talking to your family. People have... Read More →


New Web Design and New GenTeacher Service from Family History Expos!

At Family History Expos, we are all about education and events. NOW, we bring the events to you at your convenience. Online live events, recorded events for online viewing, and local events by request.  We have scheduled 1 June 2016 for the launch of our new website design and NEW GenTeacher products and services. Watch for daily updates on what to expect as the week progresses.  Read More →


Ask-the-Pros: GPS and Family History

Thursday evening is the time to ask your GPS questions. Marlo Schuldt will be online with us during our Ask-the-Pros weekly broadcast. Marlo will be teaching us some fun and innovative ways to use GPS with family history. Arlene H. Eakle and Holly Hansen will be online to answer genealogy research questions for those of you who would like some expert guidance. To participate simply register online at Family History Expos Ask-the-Pros GPS Event. You will learn ways to use GPS to record and share your... Read More →