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Letter and pen

Cross-checking Your Data

Not all historical documents are strictly accurate. Human frailties—including hearing loss, strong non-English accents, handwriting errors, and a multitude of other factors—can limit the ability genealogists have to rely upon historical records. It is also entirely possible that records were intentionally altered or recorded inaccurately due to a huge number of other possible reasons. For these reasons, names, dates, events, and every other item entered in a family file are all subject to correction... Read More →

Celebrating Family History with Digital Illustration

Terri Kallio submitted how she celebrates her family history through digital illustration. Her submission has earned her a complimentary registration to one of our upcoming Ask-the-Pros Friday morning research adventures. We know that “Family History Heals” and through celebrating our family history research we can share the good with others. We asked Terri how she celebrates family history and she responded: “One of my favorite ways to celebrate and share my family history is by... Read More →

Holly T. Hansen

Court Records Yield Relationships

By Holly T. Hansen Searching through court records can be super rewarding! Most of them are not online, but many have been microfilmed and are available through the FamilySearch Family History Library. I have researched my Denham line for years. I collected the marriages, the census records (for the years available), and as many probate records as I could get my hands on. This research effort yielded much information but NOT who the father of Augustus V. Denham was. So, off to the Family History... Read More →