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James L. Tanner

Ask-the-Pros: Researching Immigrant Arrival into America

Question: What can I study to prepare myself for researching my ancestor’s arrival in America? Answer: By James L. Tanner As genealogical researchers, we commonly come to the issue of our ancestors’ arrival in a new country. For those immigrants coming to America, there is the inevitable border crossing. Of course, since we commonly hear references to “illegal aliens” (now through political correctness called undocumented aliens) we know that a substantial number of people... Read More →

Founding a Nation

Military Research in America: Pre-Revolution

Colonial Wars service is often a major gap in your genealogy knowledge.  You are far enough removed in time for traditions of military involvement to dim.  Yet, the total number of troops mustered was large enough to include some 70-85% of Southern males age 16-45, who participated in local conflicts. Your pre-revolution American ancestors lived through a whole sequence of wars, conflicts, Indian scares, and massacres between 1620 and 1774.  These events united groups of scattered settlers with... Read More →