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Charting for Success

Visual aids are critical when working on your family history projects. Charts help you to visually understand relationships and identify holes in your research. A variety of charts can be used for different purposes during various stages of research. Here are a few types of charts to use and some info on how they can assist you: Timelines – Use a time line to track an ancestor or family over time. When you first begin your timeline put key dates such as census years, wars, and other major and... Read More →

Proving Family Relationships: US Land and Tax Records Retreat

This retreat will focus on fundamental sources and strategies used by expert and professional researchers to successfully document and accurately prove American genealogies with an emphasis on US land and tax records.  These land and property records prove your family relationships and extend your family lines. You will discover how basic sources link together to build and prove a pedigree. The terms “fundamental sources” and “basic sources” do not mean easy or beginning research.... Read More →