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Immigrant Ancestor

Searching for Immigrant Ancestors

By James L. Tanner Nearly everyone who pursues his or her genealogical research for some time will encounter the problem of identifying an immigrant ancestor. The natural tendency is for the researcher to begin trying to find the immigrant ancestor in the country of origin. However, researchers will have much more success by beginning their research in the country of arrival. The movement of people across an international border is commonly referred to as international migration. This general term... Read More →


DearMYRTLE and Holly Hansen: Scandinavian Research Retreat

DearMYRTLE loves family history research and loves sharing innovative ways to increase research success. On December 22nd she interviewed Holly about the upcoming Scandinavian Research Retreat to be held in Salt Lake City. DearMYRTLE, Russ Worthington, and Holly discuss the benefits of attending a Family History Expos Research Retreat in Salt Lake City. Watch the interview online: We look forward to seeing you at a Retreat real soon!  Read More →