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Free Webinar and Heritage Collector Software

We have a special gift for all of our readers this Christmas. A free download of Heritage Collector Standard and a free Webinar to teach you how to use it. Join us on Monday December 16th at 10:00 am to learn how Heritage Collector will help you organize your photos, create photo collections, and index between collections. It allows use of hotspots on photos to identify individuals in the photo, create slide shows, and add narrative. Click here to register and download your gift!  Read More →

Beyond Death Certificates – The Documents that Accompany Death

Many genealogical researchers are under the impression that death certificates are practically the only way to determine the date of death of an ancestor. On the contrary, death certificates are not the only methods of determining death information, but in fact, they are a rather recent development in the world of record-keeping. For example, some of the Western states of the United States did not keep consistent death records until the 1900s. For a quick way to determine the earliest dates of governmental... Read More →

Important Websites to Help Your Research – Part Four

In our first three posts on this subject, we listed a few websites in categories that were somewhat related. In this post we will mention a number of websites that have general genealogical interest and give the reasons for including them in the list since they mostly do not fall into distinct categories. When compiling such a list it is sometime hard to know when to stop. That is likely the reason for some “Top Forty” and other types of classifications. These particular websites seem... Read More →

New Events for 2014

We would like to wish our readers a┬áVery Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2013 has truly been a wonderful ‘Birthday Year’ for Family History Expos. Each of you have played a big part in the celebration. During the past ten years we have organized and executed literally hundreds of events. Personally, I (Holly) have listened to thousands of fascinating family history research and brick wall stories, thanks for sharing. I have also heard many people say, “I have been researching... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Replacing PAF

Question: What software should I use now that PAF is no longer supported by FamilySearch? Answer: There are several programs available. Celebrating My Family Tree and Me (My Family Tree) is the software we use and recommend. We do own the software and use it in our family history research classes. My Family Tree is Share Certified by FamilySearch, and powered by award winning Ancestral Quest. Our programmer, Gaylon Findlay, was the designer for PAF. You don’t have to move your PAF files on... Read More →