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Important Websites to Help Your Research — Part Three

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Important Websites to Help in Your Research – Part Two

This is Part Two of a series on important websites to help your genealogical research. In Part One, we covered Google Searches and the Four big online database programs,,, and This post will cover some of the most important websites with large collections of books. As the number of digitized online source material grows, a huge number of valuable genealogical materials are included. This is most definitely the case with digitized books.... Read More →

Important Websites to Help Your Research — Part One

There are a bewildering number of useful websites that assist in doing genealogical research. Although it may be difficult to choose the top ones, it is not so difficult to list a few really important websites that should not be ignored. This list is based on years of online research experience and is obviously not exhaustive in its coverage. No website is useful unless it contains the information you are searching for. But these websites have stood the test of time as some of the most important... Read More →

Rocking the Cradle

My son enjoys panning for Gold. He has different types of equipment that he hauls to various places to pursue his hobby. The method he uses is somewhat different than that used in 1849. Because of my interest in history and my son’s interest in panning for gold,  I recognized what Elijah Allen Spooner was talking about in his diary where he wrote of his experiences during the California Gold Rush in 1849-50. This diary is available online through the BYU Harold B. Lee Library Digital Collections... Read More →

Genealogy and Local History Celebration

Come celebrate family history this month! Family History Expos is kicking off our first Genealogy and Local History Celebration in Morgan, Utah November 22-23, 2013. Everyone is invited to attend. Friday we will tour the Historic Summit County Courthouse, Cemeteries, Morgan County Library, Morgan FamilySearch Center and enjoy a delicious dinner at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn in Morgan. Saturday classes offered include Genealogy FUNdamentals, Organization, Basic Sources, and more. For full details... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Finding Great-grandmother

Question: I am having trouble determining who my ggrandmother was. She is listed in the home of my ggrandfather in 1860, but she has a different last name. She was listed on my grandfathers death certificate as his mother, under the same name as when she was in my ggrandfather’s house. We can find her nowhere else in the census, and no marriage license. Any suggestions. Answer: Unfortunately, the question did not include some vital information needed to give a helpful answer. It is important... Read More →