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Fun Family History Activities for the Holidays

Create lasting memories this holiday season. Take time to celebrate the lives of those who came before us and create strong ties to your ancestral heritage with family, friends, and the next generation. As we build our family tree we build strong family ties now and for future generations. Here are a few ideas you may wish to include in your upcoming holiday activities. Family Tree Building Bring the family together and build a unique family tree. Depending on the age of each participant you will... Read More →

Hurry, the deadline approaches for the Salt Lake City Family Library Retreat 2013

The October Salt Lake City Family History Library Retreat 2013 is fast approaching. If you have put off registering, the event is fast approaching. The Salt Lake City Family History Library Retreat 2013 will be held on October 28 to November 1, 2013. Accommodations and classes will be held at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, 122 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101, just steps away from the Family History Library. Click on this link to find out more and register. If you have never attended a Research... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – How to organize genealogy for a reunion

Question: We have gathered a treasure of family information for our family reunion in July. I have been given the job of organizing it all with genealogy, some pictures and stories. I want to do an extremely good job but am at a loss even though I am a pretty creative person. Do you have some ideas that I can use? Answer: The are many answers to your question. If you have entered all of your genealogical information into a genealogical database program, such as Celebrating My Family Tree and Me and... Read More →

Historic Nauvoo Family History Expos Genealogy Research Retreat

Historic Nauvoo, Illinois will be the site of a Family History Expos Genealogy Retreat on October 17th through October 20th. You are all invited to participate with our research professionals in learning about family history in an environment full of history. The Retreat will be held at the Nauvoo Family Inn & Suites, 1875 Mulholland Street, Nauvoo, Illinois. Nauvoo is located on a big bend in the Mississippi River and was the site of many of the significant events in the early years of The Church... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros — Question and Answer — Ireland to Scotland

Judith E. Wight answers today’s Ask-the-Pros Questions. Question #1: How do we get from Ireland back to Scotland for families we know were in the plantation? Answer #1: For readers who are unfamiliar with the term “plantation” it refers to lands in Ireland that were confiscated by the English crown.  This occurred during the 16th and 17th centuries.  The land was given to English, Welsh and Scottish settlers (usually the landed gentry class) thus displacing Irish Catholic landholders. Given... Read More →