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Georgia Expo Early Bird Price Expires In Five Days!

Georgia Expo at Duluth's Gwinnett Center The Georgia Family History Expo early bird pricing will expire in 5 days, if you have not already signed up, don’t delay save your bucks by registering today. If you have remind your friends it is not too late to get in on this exceptional early bird price. Expo will be held in Duluth, Georgia November 11-12, 2011. Details are available on our website at Or, call us on the phone 801-829-3295. A few of... Read More →


If you are like most genealogists, you want to do the research for your own family but still have at least one genealogy problem you cannot solve – let Family History Expos help you with that problem! Using more than 50 years combined professional research experience, Arlene H. Eakle, Judith E. Wight, and the FHE team can crack tough problems. Using special, time-proven, field-tested research methods, and the Family History Library–Why not let us help you? There is still time to register.... Read More →

My Last Farewell to Jimmy B. Parker

Jimmy B. Parker It has been my privilege and honor to associate with Jimmy B. Parker for nearly 20 years. I can remember one of my first encounters with Jimmy, he was teaching  a research organization class where he had a pocket full of colored markers. Markers to be used in organizing family history research files, then years later he brought a book that he wanted me to look at, all about organization. It didn’t have any mention of using colored markers. When I asked him about it he simply... Read More →