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Weekly Tip: Finding Lost Cousins

Find a Cousin! By Jimmy B. Parker & Holly T. Hansen Have you lost touch with cousins? Do your great-grandparents have descendants you may have never known? Do those cousins have priceless documents, photographs, or stories about your ancestral families? It is easy to lose touch with relatives in the mobile society in which we live today. Aside from the social reasons of enjoying a visit with cousins, there are many benefits to reconnecting with lost relatives. And there are many resources available... Read More →

Weekly Tip: How Do You Know What You Think You Know?

What do I know? By Jimmy B. Parker All of us know (or think we know) some things about our family. Some has been passed down to us through family stories. Some may have come to us from documents we have collected. Some may have come to us through our own research. The important thing is to ask ourselves, “How do I know these things are true?” A major key to having an accurate record is to seek some type of “documentation” or record of the events of the lives of our family... Read More →