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Is That My Great-Grandmother’s Wedding Picture?

by Gena Philibert Ortega If you were lucky enough to inherit some family photos, you may wonder what year they were taken.  Unfortunately, for most of us, those photos we inherit are not necessarily identified.  So what’s a genealogist to do?  The following are some resources to consult as you date vintage photographs. Books Dating Old Photographs, 1840-1929. Toronto, Ont: Family Chronicle, 2000. Frisch, Karen. Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs. Salt Lake City, UT: Ancestry,... Read More →

Michael John Neill at the St. George Family History Expo

Michael John Neill * Family History Expos is pleased to have noted speaker, writer and researcher Michael John Neill join us at the St. George Family History Expo, February 25-26, 2011. Readers may recognize the name behind the popular Casefile Clues periodical that introduces us to a different genealogical cast study each week. Michael is also a Blogger of Honor for the St. George Family History Expo. He writes a Casefile Clues Blog, as well as a and Genealogy Tip of the... Read More →

Join us for the St. George Friday Night Event.

Handling and Healing the Skeletons in Your Genealogical Closet Friday Night Banquet & Distinguished Keynote Presentation Featuring M. Bridget Cook, Transformational Speaker & National Bestselling Author Sign up today for a veritable feast!  Enjoy a delicious dinner, a motivational speech, and receive your signed copy of this national bestselling book for FREE! Everybody’s got them—although not everyone wants to claim them… The Unspeakables.  Like the descendants... Read More →

Organize Your Genealogy Like a Scrapbooker

By Gena Philibert Ortega Family history incorporates a lot of different pursuits, including scrapbooking. Although not all genealogists are scrapbookers, all scrapbookers are engaged in preserving their family history, both past and present. What better way to learn about organizing than to look at what scrapbookers use to organize their photos and documents? The Simple Scrapper blog reminds us that organization includes backups of your computer files. In a recent discussion they posed such questions... Read More →