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Family history heals! That is our motto. We have found over the years that people who spend time doing family history research are happier. We have been in the event business since 2002 and love to bring genealogists together. Technology now allows us to offer more events at an affordable cost to you.

Remember the good old days when you had to travel far from home in order to attend a big Expo? And you had to choose between several great classes being offered at the same time, all of which you really wanted to attend. And then, when you finally chose and attended the class, you couldn't take notes fast enough to retain all the valuable information… remember?

Well, that was yesterday! Today, you can attend all the classes you want from the comfort of your own your pajamas, if you wish. Plus, with a copy of our helpful Research Guides and video presentations, you can read, view, and review the material over and over at your leisure.

We still offer onsite events, broadcast live events, and offer pre-recorded events for you to peruse, watch, and study at your convenience. Come join us for some family history fun today!


Our genealogy shop is full of “Books, Books, Books,” “Charts and Forms,” and other great tools for genealogists and family history buffs.


We offer onsite and online “Expos,” “Family History Library Retreats,” “Library Days with an Expert,” “Local and Family History Retreats,” “Society Days,” and “Weekly Ask-the-Pros Broadcasts”

We are happy to customize an event for your family, local library, or genealogy group. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do together.


Our GenTeacher offerings include “Expo Classes” and “Genealogy lessons.”

Expo Classes: Pre-recorded instructional research classes with Research Guides. These may have been recorded live during an event or created from our offices. You can choose to view a single class or take advantage of our series offerings.

Genealogy lessons: We want to help you get it, Down Pat! Not just hear about it or watch someone else do it. This on-going project is created to assist you in mastering and learning “How To” do something that will help you have a better chance at successfully researching and locating the correct ancestor in your family tree.

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming announcements! We are currently developing additional programs which bring you even more exciting opportunities to learn

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