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Amazing Tools and Basic Sources Online Videos


View 12 online research classes and access accompanying Research Guides for each class through our GenTeacher online Expo Classes.


Product Code: Online99-AmazingTools


Bundle Products

Heritage Collector: An Organizational Tool

Product Code: Video Class-AT1601

Description :

This class will go over the features of Heritage Collector. Demo how to download and install the Standard Version and set up basic preferences.

Setup Your Research for In-depth Analysis

Product Code: Video Class-AT1602

Description :

This class will guide you step-by-step to setting up family folders, place folders, and sort folders in Heritage Collector to aid in your research success.

Forms Used for Successfully Analyzing Your Research

Product Code: Video Class-AT1603

Description :

This class will focus on creating and using forms to use your best advantage of research time and increase research results. Your ability to understand what the records are telling you will dramatically increase when you use these techniques and forms.

Easier Scanning for Great Results

Product Code: Video Class-AT1604

Description :

This class will demo how to scan documents and artifacts at home, on the go, and at the library. Batch scanning can save time and increase productivity; mobile scanners are convenient when you are traveling; and microfilm/fiche scanners are real time savers. Learn to use a variety of scanners from personal to professional services. Scanning can be a real time saver.

Visualizing Historical Boundaries

Product Code: Video Class-AT1605

Description :

This class will focus on locating images of historical boundaries and how to use them for detailed research analysis.

A Digital Library for Your Family History Research Pleasure

Product Code: Video Class-AT1606

Description : This class will show you how to begin building your own personal digital library from online resources. It really makes research fun when you can carry your digital library on a flash drive. Come learn how to organize, store, and quickly retrieve your personal library resources.

Converting Voice and Movie Recordings to Digital

Product Code: Video Class-AT1609

Description : This class will focus on the tools and services available to convert your old voice recordings and movies into the digital age.

Ye Olde Homestead: Where Can it Be?

Product Code: Video Class-AT1607

Description : Learn to use GPS and the Bureau of Land Management website to locate old homestead records.

Create a Family History Calendar

Product Code: Video Class-AT1608

Description : This class will show you how to use your documents and family history images with Heritage Collector Suite to create a unique and tantalizing family history calendar.

Cemetery Roundup

Product Code: Video Class-AT1610

Description : This class will focus on tools and services to assist you with gathering all the data possible to locate the cemeteries in your family history and then how to store and quickly retrieve it for analysis purposes.

Creative Family History Cards

Product Code: Video Class-AT1611

Description : In this class you will learn how to use Heritage Collector Suite to make all occasion cards that share the spirit of family using the images you have collected with your research and picture taking moments.

Create Sensational Storybooks - The Easy Way

Product Code: Video Class-AT1612

Description : This class will focus on creating family history storybooks using Heritage Collector Suite and how to get them printed economically to share with your family.

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