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Beginning Military Research Online Videos


11 research classes available to view online through our GenTeacher Online Expos Classes. Once your purchase is complete begin viewing the classes listed below online anytime!


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Bundle Products

Overview of Major American Wars: Colonial and National Periods

Product Code: Video Class-BM1501

Description :

In this class you will gain insight on the major American wars in the colonial and national periods. The Research Guide includes timelines of both colonial and national wars, a military pensions timeline wiht data on locating pensioners. Also a chart on military ranks over time is included to give you a full view and better grasp on military research.

Using FamilySearch to Locate Military Records

Product Code: Video Class-BM1502

Description :

Learn to locate military records using resources at the Family History Library, FamilySearch Research Wiki, and the FamilySearch Catalog.

Pre-Revolution Military and Militia Research

Product Code: Video Class-BM1503

Description :

People served in the military and/or militia during times of peace as well as time of war. Be sure to check the ages of your ancestors and search for records giving details while they are in that specific age for military service.

Reading Old Style Handwriting: An Essential Research Skill

Product Code: Video Class-BM1504

Description :

You will be looking at old English handwritten records. There is no typing, no transcription and it's just your eyes and hard to read words on a page. This class compares writing styles from different time periods and discusses common phrases in old documents.

Using Online Tools to Locate Military Records

Product Code: Video Class-BM1505

Description :

There are more records available online than ever before. Military records are no exception. The National Archives is just one of many places you need to be aware of. There are many other repositories for military records online. In the United States, most of the larger military units have their own websites with extensive historical information. Even some of the smaller and more specialized units have their own websites. The records for the major wars are also very extensive.

Historical Military Maps and Google Earth

Product Code: Video Class-BM1506

Description :

Learn how to use historical and modern maps for research. Google Earth will open new avenues of thought and more precise research strategies. Many of the countries in Europe created very detailed maps for military purposes. These maps can show detail down to the individual farm or house level. This class will explore some of these types of maps and how they work and where to find them.

Fold3 has an Abundance of Military Records

Product Code: Video Class-BM1507

Description :

Learn about the collections, weaknesses, and strengths of Fold3 for military research.

Researching Records of the American Revolution, Part I

Product Code: Video Class-BM1508

Description :

Records of the Revolution tell the story of both men and women. You may be surprised what you will find.

Researching Records of the American Revolution, Part II

Product Code: Video Class-BM1509

Description :

Records of the Revolution tell the story of both men and women. You may be surprised what you will find.

Land and Property Title Created from Indian Wars and Cessions

Product Code: Video Class-BM1510

Description :

These wars caused native peoples to cede millions of acres of land to the United States. This accumulation of land from the Indian Wars resulted in the creation of diverse land and property records. Many military men were paid scrip that could be traded for land. Learn how to locate these diverse record types.

Sharing the Results of Your Research with Family

Product Code: Video Class-BM1511

Description :

This class will focus on sharing your research, photographs, maps, and more with family, friends, and especially youth. You will receive a free copy of the Standard Version of Heritage Collector software from LifeStory Productions (runs on a PC).

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