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British Isles Research Online Classes


15 Research classes available to view online through our GenTeacher Expo Classes. Once your purchase is complete, begin viewing classes listed below online anytime!


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Charting Your Ancestors in the British Isles

Product Code: Video Class-BR1501

Description :

Learn where your ancestors are located and chart it as you go.

Introduction to the NEW FamilySearch Catalog: Use it Like a Pro

Product Code: Video Class-BR1502

Description :

This class is required! Learn how to find records in this amazing Library of almost 3 million reels of microfilm, 500,000 printed and manuscript books, with supporting online databases (9,000), and much, much more on 5 full floors! Or in other words: How to find and correctly document your ancestors without being intimidated by the sheer magnitude of the records available.

Reading Old Style Handwriting: An Essential Research Skill

Product Code: Video Class-BR1503

Description :

You will be looking at old English handwritten records. There is no typing, no transcription and it's just your eyes and hard to read words on a page. This class compares writing styles from different time periods and discusses common phrases in old documents.

Learn More... Using Catalogs, Wikis and Search Engines

Product Code: Video Class-BR1504

Description :

Learn how to locate and understand what the records contain, where they are, and how to glean the most evidence from them. Basic layout of the Wiki is a model of how records are organized. Companion locater tools such as World Cat,, and more will be discussed.

Research FUNdamentals: Basic Sources #1

Product Code: Video Class-BR1505

Description :

Part one. The words "Basic Sources" do not indicate easy research, they are important fundamental sources needed to accurately prove a genealogy. Do not assume this is easy research, it is actually quite advanced.

Research FUNdamentals: Basic Sources, #2

Product Code: Video Class-BR1506

Description :

Part Two
The words "Basic Sources" do not indicate easy research, they are important fundamental sources needed to accurately prove a genealogy. Do not assume this is easy research, it is actually quite advanced.

Searching the Historical Records Collections

Product Code: Video Class-BR1507

Description :

Technical Tips and Research Strategies. Learn why it is important to go to the end of the film even if it has been digitized.

Irish Research: Using the Basic Sources Effectively

Product Code: Video Class-BR1508

Description :

The year 1922 sends a collective shudder of epic proportions down the spines of people who are tracing their Irish ancestors. That is when the western block of the Four Courts in Dublin, which housed the Public Record Office of Ireland, exploded. Destroyed were what many consider to be the basic sources of Irish genealogical research. This event is the main reason why tracing Irish ancestors is such a challenge. During this class we will discuss the core building blocks of Irish genealogy and learn how to at least partially mitigate the destruction of the genealogical records that were lost. * The words "Basic Sources" do not indicate easy research, they are important fundamental sources needed to accurately prove a genealogy.

Research Principles and Strategies for Irish Research

Product Code: Video Class-BR1509

Description :

Genealogical research principles and strategies are pretty universal. However, it is necessary to step outside of one’s comfort zone when researching Irish ancestors. In this class we will review those basic principles and strategies and then add some new ones to your repertoire. Be prepared to do the genealogy “happy dance” once you learn these tricks of the trade.

Is Your British Genealogy Already Completed?

Product Code: Video Class-BR1510

Description :

Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D.
Dr. Eakle was a member of the University of Utah Center for the Study of Historical Population and assigned to compile a descriptive inventory for the microfilm holdings for England at the Family History Library (then using its legal name—Genealogical Society of Utah). They read the whole shelf list for the Library looking for buried and hidden items in the collection. They personally checked over 35% of the 60,000 reels of microfilm for England. And compared what they found against the microfilmer's reports and the card catalog just to ensure that nothing of importance was missed. Arlene still has all of the notes they made—including the forms for each and every parish—Anglican and Non-Conformist. There are resources that have been compiled and preserved with much good research included. In this class Dr. Eakle will discuss the important collections available for your research, additions to the collections since the study was completed and more.

Basic Sources for Successfully Researching the Records of Scotland

Product Code: Video Class-BR1511

Description :

Life got a whole lot easier for people tracing their Scottish ancestry with the creation of the website ScotlandsPeople. While it makes available civil records of birth, marriage and death, government census returns from 1841 through 1911, and probate records, this is not a one-stop shopping center for Scottish research. We will review the pros and cons of this website as well as discuss other record types that are useful if one is to be successful in researching their Scottish ancestors.

Scottish Research: Principles and Strategies

Product Code: Video Class-BR1512

Description :

There are some tricks of the trade in researching your Scottish ancestry. The goal of this class is to teach you some new research principles or strategies that might help you not only trace your Scottish families but trace your ancestors in other countries.

Internet Websites and Programs I Can't Live Without

Product Code: Video Class-BR1513

Description :

Modern genealogical research is computer intensive. Come and learn about websites, some of which are not usually considered to be genealogy websites, that are essential to make progress in searching and understanding the huge numbers of genealogical resources now online.

Letting,, & FamilySearch's Family Tree offer Research Assistance

Product Code: Video Class-BR1514

Description :

This class is a live Internet activity. We will discuss the specific event topic while using MyHeritage, Ancestry, and FamilySearch. Questions asked during the presentation point the direction of the discussion. This class always brings up new details each time it is offered.

How to Document Your

Product Code: Video Class-BR1515

Description :

Tracing hard-to- find ancestors by land and pedigree, manor court rolls, and more.

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