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Founding a Nation

Bounty Land Records

Bounty land records identify the earliest date of residence or arrival for ancestors. Bounty land records frequently supply other places of residence for them which leads you to additional places to search for them. These sources identify ancestors both military and non-military. Here are a few facts about bounty lands: Military bounty land was awarded in specific tracts or areas where boundaries were set by law The military man was required to describe his military service, dates, ranks, and commanding... Read More →


DAR Are you eligible to join the DAR, the Daughters of the American Revolution? If you are at least 18 and can prove lineal, blood line descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence then you are eligible for membership. Admission to membership is by invitation through a Chapter in your State organization; the Chapter has a Registrar who will help you with your papers for you must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage and death. (The “sticky wicket”... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Researching Your American Revolutionary Women

So much emphasis is placed on men of the Revolutionary period that it’s also important to remember the women of the Revolution as well.  Women during this time period committed acts of heroism and still kept  together their families and homes as best they could. Want to learn more about women during this time period?  Check out these sources that will help you understand their experience more and add richness to your research into their lives. Books BERKIN, C. (2005). Revolutionary... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Learning More About Researching your Revolutionary War Ancestor

Looking forward to researching your Revolutionary war ancestor but not sure where to start?  Maybe you want to learn more about the battles he was in?  The following resources will help you get a jump start on your research. Articles Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor by Kimberly Powell. Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor. Compiled by Jaime Simmons. West Virginia State Archives. Resources for Revolutionary War Ancestor. Diane Haddad. Genealogy Insider Finding... Read More →