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Organize Your Genealogy Like a Scrapbooker

By Gena Philibert Ortega Family history incorporates a lot of different pursuits, including scrapbooking. Although not all genealogists are scrapbookers, all scrapbookers are engaged in preserving their family history, both past and present. What better way to learn about organizing than to look at what scrapbookers use to organize their photos and documents? The Simple Scrapper blog reminds us that organization includes backups of your computer files. In a recent discussion they posed such questions... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Advice on Organizing Your Genealogy Research

By Gena Philibert Ortega There are many different ways to organize your genealogy research. My theory of organizing is this: the organizing system that works is the one you will actually use day after day, month after month. So here are some online genealogists who have great ideas about organizing, one of which should work for you. Kimberly Powell of provides organizing tips and tricks that include paper files, digital files and even your website bookmarks. In a Pile or a File is an online... Read More →