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Weekly Tip: Mill Girls

Addie Card, age 12. From the Library of Congress, By Gena Philibert Ortega Morning bells I hate to hear, Ringing dolefully, loud, and drear, &c. Now isn’t it a pity Such a pretty girl as I, Should be sent to the factory To pine away and die. –From The Lowell Offering, page 48 Sometimes referred to as Mill Girls, or Factory Girls, one of the options for women (and children) who needed to earn money during the mid 1800s was working... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Is There a Doctor in the House? Researching the Physician in Your Family Tree

By Gena Philibert Ortega When you know the occupations of your ancestors, it can be exciting to uncover documents that pertain to their working lives. If they had professional occupations, you are even more likely to find additional records—more so than if they were farmers or not employed at all. So where do you start if you have physician ancestors? How do you find more information about their lives? The following provides some ideas for researching the doctors in your family tree. Explore... Read More →