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Ask-the-Pros — Question and Answer — Ireland to Scotland

Judith E. Wight answers today’s Ask-the-Pros Questions. Question #1: How do we get from Ireland back to Scotland for families we know were in the plantation? Answer #1: For readers who are unfamiliar with the term “plantation” it refers to lands in Ireland that were confiscated by the English crown.  This occurred during the 16th and 17th centuries.  The land was given to English, Welsh and Scottish settlers (usually the landed gentry class) thus displacing Irish Catholic landholders. Given... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Your Irish Ancestor

Need some help researching your Irish immigrant ancestor? Here are some websites to check out. The first site that you will want to check out is Joe Beine’s Irish Passenger List Research Guide. This guide is a bibliography with links to websites and resource available on books, microfilm and CD’s, divided into two sections, Irish Immigration to America before 1820 and Irish Ship Passenger Lists 1820-1950s. Scroll to the bottom of this website and you will find more links about passenger... Read More →