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Tenacity vs. Pusillanimity

By Holly T. Hansen Over the years I have had many people ask me to help them or give them some ideas on how to break through a brick wall on their ancestral pedigree. Enthusiastically, I listen to their questions and then take a look at the problem. At this point, I begin to make a list of things that must be done in order to push forward. Brick walls exist for a reason! The easy stuff has already been done. Grandma or Aunt Marg, or whoever stopped working that line because they had exhausted all... Read More →


Dedicated Uninterrupted Research Yields Positive Results

Thoughtful consideration and pondering on the results of our many Retreats at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City has been encouraging. To see the difference one dedicated and uninterrupted week of research makes in the abilities and awareness for attendees has been fantastic. We have had beginners who were hoping to learn the correct way to get started with their research. We’ve also enjoyed seasoned researchers hoping to get an edge on a new area of research and we’ve helped experts... Read More →

Court Records

Learn to Use Court Records

Written by Holly T. Hansen There is a huge volume of court records in the United States that is valuable for genealogical research. Understanding how these records are organized and where they can be found is critical to using them in your research. The government of the United States was created by the joining together of a group of sovereign states for economic cooperation and common defense against their enemies. The Federal Constitution reserves to this central government exclusive requirements... Read More →

Beginning Military image

Using Online Tools to Locate Military Maps

Presented by James L. Tanner This information is taken from one section included  in our Beginning Military Research Guide. We expect you will find the links included here beneficial to your research. Although it is evident that there are a huge number of genealogically important source documents that have not made their way online through digitization efforts, maps are an exception to that rule. Every inch of the world’s surface is now available in digital format. Tens of thousands of historical... Read More →


“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

By Lorraine I. Quillon I watch “Jeopardy” all the time and am constantly amazed when the topic is modern music and performing groups. They might as well be talking Slovenian! So for all of those of our readers who occupy an age group that recognizes the above title taken from a song and can tell me who performed it and when, here is a message from me directly to you. Holly Hansen and I have been friends for many years. She knows things that my brain only begins to comprehend (often after she... Read More →

The Gordian Knot

Genealogists and the Gordian Knot or Alexander the Great Need Not Apply

Written by Lorraine I. Quillon At the beginning of Alexander the Great’s career, he entered Persia at the head of his army. Here he heard of a great king who had created a huge knot of rope. A prophecy had been made that anyone who could untie that knot would become the ruler of Asia. Alexander approached, raised what must have been an extremely sharp sword, and sliced the knot in half with one stroke of the blade. Although Alexander may have become “Great,” he certainly is not a good role... Read More →

Ruth E. Maness, AG

Conference on German and Scandinavian Research

Brush up on your German and/or Scandinavian research skills. We will be broadcasting live from Brookings, South Dakota this Friday and Saturday. The Brookings Area Genealogical Society and Family History Expos is sponsoring the event. Held at the Community Living Center, 625 5th Street, Bookings, SD. April 15-16, 2016, registration is only $35.00 for Friday evening and Saturday, with a total of eight classes to sharpen your research skills. Ruth Maness, AG will be teaching the classes. Ruth has... Read More →

Letter and pen

Cross-checking Your Data

Not all historical documents are strictly accurate. Human frailties—including hearing loss, strong non-English accents, handwriting errors, and a multitude of other factors—can limit the ability genealogists have to rely upon historical records. It is also entirely possible that records were intentionally altered or recorded inaccurately due to a huge number of other possible reasons. For these reasons, names, dates, events, and every other item entered in a family file are all subject to correction... Read More →

Celebrating Family History with Digital Illustration

Terri Kallio submitted how she celebrates her family history through digital illustration. Her submission has earned her a complimentary registration to one of our upcoming Ask-the-Pros Friday morning research adventures. We know that “Family History Heals” and through celebrating our family history research we can share the good with others. We asked Terri how she celebrates family history and she responded: “One of my favorite ways to celebrate and share my family history is by... Read More →

Holly T. Hansen

Court Records Yield Relationships

By Holly T. Hansen Searching through court records can be super rewarding! Most of them are not online, but many have been microfilmed and are available through the FamilySearch Family History Library. I have researched my Denham line for years. I collected the marriages, the census records (for the years available), and as many probate records as I could get my hands on. This research effort yielded much information but NOT who the father of Augustus V. Denham was. So, off to the Family History... Read More →