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Haunting DVD Chronicles Darker Side of Ellis Island

Do you have Ellis Island ancestors?  Are you sure?  Although more than twelve million people came through Ellis Island while it was in operation – many were detained at the hospital there where they died or were deported.  Most had families waiting in the US who never knew what happened to their loved ones who never arrived to meet them. Take a walk down the actual halls of one of the most well-known institutions in United States immigration history with a forgotten and often dark... Read More →

Weekly Tip: My Ancestor Came Through Ellis Island, I Think….

Ellis Island has become synonymous with immigration. And it’s no wonder, with over 25 million people who entered America through Ellis Island between the years 1892-1924; it is believed that over 40% of Americans can trace their family back to at least one Ellis Island ancestor.* But Ellis Island was not the only port available to ships heading for America. In fact, your ancestor may have come through a number of different ports including New Orleans, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Galveston,... Read More →