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Scandinavian Naming Patterns and Lifestyles

By Ruth Ellen Maness, AG Is it “-sen” or “-sson” or “Lien” or “Ström”? The Nordic countries (Scandinavia) include Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden and their possessions. The Finnish language is totally different from the other Scandinavian countries, but Finland was under Swedish monarchial rule for much of its history. Thus, Finland’s official records are in the Swedish language from the beginning of record keeping to about... Read More →

June 2011 Family History Expos Newsletter

Greetings from Family History Expos! A personal letter and invitation from Family History Expos president, Holly T. Hansen: Capture the Whole Genealogy Tech Enchilada at one of our June Expos—Your Bribe to Attend Genealogy Bonuses, by their very nature, are often bribes—thrown together to attract your attention and to influence you to act. And this bribe is a true bonus—filled with genealogy tech. When you say to me, “Holly, I’d like to know what you know…” I... Read More →


June 2010 Family History Expos Newsletter

The Colorado Expo is almost here! This week’s Expo in Loveland,  Colorado will feature presentations from genealogical experts, an exhibit hall and a special event called Friday Night at the Movies with Family History Expos.  This special event will include a screening of  Forgotten Ellis Island by filmmaker Laurie Conway and a light buffet.  You can add this event to your registration for only $28.00.  Come join us as we learn, eat and discuss this important film. Every registered... Read More →