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Kaleidoscope of My Mind

The Kaleidoscope of My Mind

By Lorraine I. Quillon It may be the weather (rainy and gray). It may be the fact that it is Monday morning. It may be the demands of multiple pleas for attention that has my brain flitting from one subject to the other as I try to get my mental bearings. Whatever the cause, I’m definitely scattered as I begin this day, just like the fragmented images we see in those old-time kaleidoscopes some of us used to play with as children. As a family historian, I hope I am not alone in this malady. When... Read More →

Why Maps are Important

Ask-the-Pros: Why are Maps Important to Genealogical Research?

In genealogical research, maps provide details on where ancestors may have lived and where to look for written records about them. Old and new maps can help you locate information about your family and with today’s technology you can overlay them using Google Earth to see where an area of 100 or more years ago may be located today. Birth, marriage, death, land, property, and tax records are normally kept by county governments in the United States. Over time, boundaries have changed and the names... Read More →

Founding a Nation

Military Research in America: Pre-Revolution

Colonial Wars service is often a major gap in your genealogy knowledge.  You are far enough removed in time for traditions of military involvement to dim.  Yet, the total number of troops mustered was large enough to include some 70-85% of Southern males age 16-45, who participated in local conflicts. Your pre-revolution American ancestors lived through a whole sequence of wars, conflicts, Indian scares, and massacres between 1620 and 1774.  These events united groups of scattered settlers with... Read More →

Founding a Nation

Bounty Land Records

Bounty land records identify the earliest date of residence or arrival for ancestors. Bounty land records frequently supply other places of residence for them which leads you to additional places to search for them. These sources identify ancestors both military and non-military. Here are a few facts about bounty lands: Military bounty land was awarded in specific tracts or areas where boundaries were set by law The military man was required to describe his military service, dates, ranks, and commanding... Read More →

Remembering Mother

Compiling the Second Generation

After you have gathered and compiled your first generation you begin to recognize tools and documents that will assist you as you begin work on the second generation. At this point I recommend you have a desktop computer software application to assist you with organization. One that will interface with FamilySearch and other websites is recommended. Using a software program will assist in organization and quick retrieval of your data. I use Celebrating My Family Tree genealogy software for Windows. Compile... Read More →


Some Major Genealogical Libraries and Repositories of Interest

There are major collections of genealogically important source materials located in libraries all across the United States. It is very likely that important source material is located in a library nearby where you live and where your ancestors lived. As a genealogical researcher, you cannot afford to ignore local libraries and the collections they contain. While local libraries usually contain valuable information that may not be available at any other location, there are also some major genealogical... Read More →

hands typing

Ringing in the New Year Online

Holiday music is played continually from November through January. For many people, listening to holiday favorites and going to musical recitals and concerts is a major part of the holiday season. Some us enjoy listening to music online and downloading it too. What music is a part of your holiday memories? What about your ancestors? Most of us are familiar with the holiday classics, but what about other songs that may have been sung in years past? Thanks to the Internet can find some great music... Read More →

Setting Goals to Focus Your Research

Introduction Setting realistic research goals or objectives for a trip to a repository such as the FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, involves more than just looking at your data file and picking a person to research. The preparation involves an assessment of the types of information you need and matching those needs with the records that may be available at the Family History Library. For example, it is disappointing and inefficient to choose to investigate military records... Read More →

Connect with Family or Advertise with Classified Ads

Family History Expos, Classified Ads Searching for a long lost ancestor? Trying to connect with family members who are still presumed living? Have a genealogical service or product to buy or sell? Put your classified ad before Expo conference attendees and then follow up with more exposure on our website by placing your ad in our classifieds. Ads will be distributed to each attendee at our upcoming Family History Expo, and posted here on our website for the whole world to see. Current... Read More →

Early Bird Savings for Northern California Family History Expo!

Be certain to take advantage of the early bird savings for our upcoming Northern California Family History Expo in Sacramento, California on July 6-7, 2012. We will have an array of vendors with the latest tools and techniques to help in verifying your ancestors. We also have an agenda filled with speakers to help you move your research along. If you have not already registered, please  click here to register for the Northern California Expo. Early Bird registration ends June 5, 2012. If you have... Read More →