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James L. Tanner

Ask-the-Pros: Kinship Systems and Genealogy

By James L. Tanner Some of the online genealogy family tree programs accommodate different language naming patterns such as the difference between the pattern used in England and the pattern used in Spain, but few programs support the entry of kinship relationships. Because of this lack of support or even awareness of kinship relationships, there are likely a number of “brick wall” situations that are more apparent than real. For example, using the Choctaw language, if a record showed... Read More →

Family Interviews

Nine Tips for a Great Family History Interview

Tip One: Set the Stage Before an interview, you may want to ask the storyteller to gather important information such as the birth dates and places of their parents and siblings, dates and locations of places they lived, or the names of schools they have attended.  Old photos and documents can also help jog the storyteller’s memory. Tip Two: Do Some Homework Jot down what you know about the storyteller’s family – names of relatives, family structure, timeline and history – or items of special... Read More →

The Colors of our LIves

The Colors of our Lives

Written by Jennifer Hunt Johnson When you connect with your family you see how the threads of your lives are woven with those of your ancestors in a beautiful tapestry. The threads and colors from your ancestors and family blend together in a vibrant   kaleidoscope. Life is richer when we come to know the people and stories that have inspired these colors. In the weaving of your life, many have contributed to the construction of the loom and the threads that support your tapestry. This is beautifully... Read More →

Ask -the-Pros — Question and Answer — Patronymic or Matronymic

Question: What is a patronymic or matronymic? Answer: A patronym, or patronymic, is a name that is based on the name of the father, grandfather, or any important male in the family. Example: In Scandinavia the surname “Hansen” mean “Hans’ son” and “Carlson” means “Carl’s son”. patronymic → “pater” (“father) + “nym” (“name”) A matronym, or matronymic is part of a personal name based on the mother’s... Read More →

James Tanner

Ask-the-Pros — Why you should go to a Family History Retreat

For some time now, Family History Expos has been conducting Family History Retreats at various locations around the country. There are several planned for calendar year 2014. Here is the list of planned Retreats: Family History Retreat at the FamilySearch Library Salt Lake Plaza Hotel 122 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84010 April 7 – 12, 2014 Family History Retreat in Historic Nauvoo, Illinois Nauvoo Family Inn & Suites 1875 Mulholland Street, Nauvoo, ILlinois, 62354 April 23... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Replacing PAF

Question: What software should I use now that PAF is no longer supported by FamilySearch? Answer: There are several programs available. Celebrating My Family Tree and Me (My Family Tree) is the software we use and recommend. We do own the software and use it in our family history research classes. My Family Tree is Share Certified by FamilySearch, and powered by award winning Ancestral Quest. Our programmer, Gaylon Findlay, was the designer for PAF. You don’t have to move your PAF files on... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Finding a train wreck

Question: I am trying to find an account of a local train accident that killed a relative in 1883 outside of Buchanan Ky. I have contacted the C&O railroad but records such as these were destroyed. I have contacted the library genealogy dept in Boyd County, but they find no record. Any ideas of where I can go from there? Answer: The first place I would research would be the newspapers. But I always start by identifying the locations on a map and getting an idea of the county and the adjacent... Read More →

Advertise with Family History Expos Classified Ads

Searching for a long lost ancestor? Trying to connect with family members who are still presumed living? Have a genealogical service or product to buy or sell? Did you know that you can advertise your genealogically related service or product with a Family History Expos Classified Ad? Family History Expos can assist you by placing your ad in our classifieds. Ads will also be distributed to each attendee at our upcoming Family History Expos in the Expos schedule, and posted on the Family History... Read More →

Are You Attending RootsTech in Person or Virtually?

This evening official RootsTech bloggers will descend on Salt Lake City, we are all excited to learn and share all that we can with you. If you are attending RootsTech it is a sure bet you will not be able to attend every class on your wish list. But you can depend on others attending classes to be blogging, tweeting, and talking about their experiences via social media too. For those of you who are not going to physically be in Salt Lake City keep your eye on the Twitter hashtag #RootsTech. You... Read More →

FamilySearch Photos (Beta) Introduced at Arizona Family History Expo and St. George Family History Expo

The following presentation went online today for the Family History Expos in Mesa, Arizona and St. George, Utah: FamilySearch Photos (Beta) (All Levels) FamilySearch is introducing a new feature — FamilySearch Photos. This feature allows us to upload images of our ancestors, tag/identify ancestors in the photos, and associate the tagged ancestors in the photos to the Family Tree. Come see how you can share photos of your ancestors with your family and the FamilySearch community. Timothy... Read More →