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American Revolution

The Bulletproof George Washington

The stories of colonial American are inspiring and often incredible. Just like the stories from our own family’s history, they are well worth preserving and passing on. When lost over time, the loss is great. For many years, early American school children were required to commit to memory one such story about George Washington. The Bulletproof George Washington George Washington’s part in the battle of Monongahela, July 9th, 1755, during the French and Indian War was one of the most significant... Read More →

Heritage Collector


By Holly T. Hansen is a robust website with many different aspects to help you with your research. Not only does it hold data on ancestors, it contains educational materials for your benefit. If you think of as a house with many rooms, it will help you move around a bit easier. Just think, each time you click on a main tab it takes you into a new room. With so many rooms, having a blue print of the whole house can be very helpful. I have used FamilySearch for years—nearly... Read More →

Court Records

Learn to Use Court Records

Written by Holly T. Hansen There is a huge volume of court records in the United States that is valuable for genealogical research. Understanding how these records are organized and where they can be found is critical to using them in your research. The government of the United States was created by the joining together of a group of sovereign states for economic cooperation and common defense against their enemies. The Federal Constitution reserves to this central government exclusive requirements... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros: Get Expert Advice on Where to Go Next!

When you have a research question, “Ask-the-Pros” at Family History Expos. We offer you several options to receive answers to your queries: Attend one of our Ask-the-Pros broadcasts Read this Blog Submit your query to our online Ask-the-Pros Q & A Our online Ask-the-Pros Q & A is a free service to our subscribers. Simply go to and login. You will see your name in the top box. Enter your question in the “Your Question” box with as much... Read More →


Capturing Dad’s Story

By Jennifer H. Johnson Do you know how your dad proposed to your mother? What do you know about their first date? How did your father feel about being a teenager? These are questions whose answers you may never know unless you ask. The best place to start your genealogy research is with the people who are still alive. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s not such a new idea, however. Most professional genealogists will encourage you to start finding information by just talking to your family. People have... Read More →


Ask-the-Pros: GPS and Family History

Thursday evening is the time to ask your GPS questions. Marlo Schuldt will be online with us during our Ask-the-Pros weekly broadcast. Marlo will be teaching us some fun and innovative ways to use GPS with family history. Arlene H. Eakle and Holly Hansen will be online to answer genealogy research questions for those of you who would like some expert guidance. To participate simply register online at Family History Expos Ask-the-Pros GPS Event. You will learn ways to use GPS to record and share your... Read More →

Ruth E. Maness, AG

Conference on German and Scandinavian Research

Brush up on your German and/or Scandinavian research skills. We will be broadcasting live from Brookings, South Dakota this Friday and Saturday. The Brookings Area Genealogical Society and Family History Expos is sponsoring the event. Held at the Community Living Center, 625 5th Street, Bookings, SD. April 15-16, 2016, registration is only $35.00 for Friday evening and Saturday, with a total of eight classes to sharpen your research skills. Ruth Maness, AG will be teaching the classes. Ruth has... Read More →

Why Maps are Important

Ask-the-Pros: Why are Maps Important to Genealogical Research?

In genealogical research, maps provide details on where ancestors may have lived and where to look for written records about them. Old and new maps can help you locate information about your family and with today’s technology you can overlay them using Google Earth to see where an area of 100 or more years ago may be located today. Birth, marriage, death, land, property, and tax records are normally kept by county governments in the United States. Over time, boundaries have changed and the names... Read More →

James L. Tanner

Ask-the-Pros: Researching Immigrant Arrival into America

Question: What can I study to prepare myself for researching my ancestor’s arrival in America? Answer: By James L. Tanner As genealogical researchers, we commonly come to the issue of our ancestors’ arrival in a new country. For those immigrants coming to America, there is the inevitable border crossing. Of course, since we commonly hear references to “illegal aliens” (now through political correctness called undocumented aliens) we know that a substantial number of people... Read More →


Ask-the-Pros — Non Conformist Church Records in Wales

Question: How do I find non-conformist church records in Wales?  Answer:  Here are six points to consider: One- check The Religious Census of 1851: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales, printed in 2 volumes. Available on microfiche from the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, #6054483. You can order it into any local Family History Center near you. Think about this, the chapel may have been built in 1825, with a congregation that began in 1750. Pay Attention to the name... Read More →