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Holly T. HansenBy Holly T. Hansen is a robust website with many different aspects to help you with your research. Not only does it hold data on ancestors, it contains educational materials for your benefit.

If you think of as a house with many rooms, it will help you move around a bit easier. Just think, each time you click on a main tab it takes you into a new room. With so many rooms, having a blue print of the whole house can be very helpful.

I have used FamilySearch for years—nearly every day. When I know something is there but I’m not sure where to locate it, I go to the blue print of the website. This is called the “Site Map.”

A link to the sitemap is located at the very bottom of nearly every page on FamilySearch. Here is the direct link

When you want to find the General Blog or the Research Wiki quickly just go to the Site Map, it may be easier for you to find if you’re not familiar with how to find it. Spending some time with this blue print of the website can be fun. Click on the different links and discover some new and useful parts of the website.

You will be surprised at how many resources are at your fingertips. It’s a great time to do genealogy! Get busy and let me know what you discover.

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