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Holly T. Hansen

Just Four Generations Will Get You Started

By Holly T. Hansen Family History is really exciting for those who do it. Those who have not been bitten by the bug may feel overwhelmed or disinterested. I love helping individuals begin their family history, and I believe that you can be the research expert on your own family. Simply learn to do it right the first time, or update, and fix it right for future generations. As you go through and document your personal four generations, you will have a great time. You will learn many fun and interesting... Read More →

Family Interviews

Nine Tips for a Great Family History Interview

Tip One: Set the Stage Before an interview, you may want to ask the storyteller to gather important information such as the birth dates and places of their parents and siblings, dates and locations of places they lived, or the names of schools they have attended.  Old photos and documents can also help jog the storyteller’s memory. Tip Two: Do Some Homework Jot down what you know about the storyteller’s family – names of relatives, family structure, timeline and history – or items of special... Read More →