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Francis L. Dye

Create and Use Genealogy Charts

Written by Holly T. Hansen As you are researching your family history, be sure you create charts. It helps you and others make sense of where you are going with your research. Family charts have been created by individuals, governments, and researchers for generations. LOOK FOR THEM!! Genealogical societies and associations collect them and make them available for you to research and make copies. They print them in their periodicals, or at least list indexes to them. On one of my research trips to... Read More →


Dedicated Uninterrupted Research Yields Positive Results

Thoughtful consideration and pondering on the results of our many Retreats at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City has been encouraging. To see the difference one dedicated and uninterrupted week of research makes in the abilities and awareness for attendees has been fantastic. We have had beginners who were hoping to learn the correct way to get started with their research. We’ve also enjoyed seasoned researchers hoping to get an edge on a new area of research and we’ve helped experts... Read More →

Court Records

Learn to Use Court Records

Written by Holly T. Hansen There is a huge volume of court records in the United States that is valuable for genealogical research. Understanding how these records are organized and where they can be found is critical to using them in your research. The government of the United States was created by the joining together of a group of sovereign states for economic cooperation and common defense against their enemies. The Federal Constitution reserves to this central government exclusive requirements... Read More →