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“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”


Lorraine Indermill QuillonBy Lorraine I. Quillon

I watch “Jeopardy” all the time and am constantly amazed when the topic is modern music and performing groups. They might as well be talking Slovenian!

So for all of those of our readers who occupy an age group that recognizes the above title taken from a song and can tell me who performed it and when, here is a message from me directly to you.

Holly Hansen and I have been friends for many years. She knows things that my brain only begins to comprehend (often after she has explained it to me two or three times…or even more when it’s really difficult).

So when she began inviting me to participate in her online presentations, I thought, “Thanks, Holly. Very nice of you to think of me. But I have no idea how I would even go about it if I did decide to join you for a class.”

And, much to my embarrassment, that went on for several years. Finally, circumstances made it mandatory that I expose all my ignorance and ask her for help. She walked me through the first time, and now I can do it all by myself!

Really!!! It actually is possible to teach old dogs new tricks! We may just take a little longer and have a little higher anxiety level than our teenage grandchildren. But we can get there.

So with that in mind, I want to take you by the hand and tell you about online presentations, and specifically about those presented by Holly and her Family History Expos family. She is filling the fiber optic highways with materials which will help all of us on our family history research journey.

Just take a look at the schedule of offerings coming with the new GenTeacher Video Classes and see if there isn’t something that piques your interest. You can take a class on vital records. You can hear an attorney explain probate procedures. You can virtually sit beside a professional researcher or two and watch them tackle a research problem.

The collection is immense and expanding all the time. And the methods for accessing these resources doesn’t even have to include the Internet. But if you want the thrill of “being there” while the presentation is actually going on, this is how you would do it

Go to Look at the schedule of upcoming live events. Pick one (that’s actually the difficult part…picking just one…although you may find that the choices become easier when you realize you can choose a multitude!). (Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest schedules.)

At the bottom of each event listing is a “Click here for details” link. This page gives you more information about the program before you decide whether or not to register. So don’t worry about clicking on that link. The registration fee varies from $9.95 per one-hour class to $99.00 for a series of 12 live online classes, broadcast over the Internet. Watch for Early Bird savings which can help you save even more. You can charge it to your credit card. If you would prefer not to use a credit card, call 801-829-3295 for additional payment options.

On the day of the broadcast, you will get an e-mail message from the company an hour or so before the start time. It will invite you to log on to the site given within the half an hour prior to the beginning. When you click on the link indicated, you will be asked to launch the app and then enter your contact information (so we can get in touch with you if you have difficulties). Then you just sit back and watch the countdown clock until the presenters come on to welcome you.

Although we thought our commitments would decrease significantly as we matured, that doesn’t always happen. And so we may not always be available for the live presentation. However, as I hinted before, there are several other options.

• Each live session is being recorded and made available (starting 1 June 2016) as an online program that can be accessed any time over the Internet (even at 2:00 a.m. while you’re in your pajamas!).

• Many of the same programs are being published on DVDs which can be purchased for unlimited viewing.

• Accompanying each of the live programs and series are Research Guides giving a written resource on each of the subjects. These are also available as printed books if you prefer to underline and scribble in the margins.

So come join us for an exciting journey into a new family history realm. If you have questions or complications, there are several of us who are happy to offer a helping hand. Just give us a call. Although there is no one on staff named Jude, all you have to say is “Hey,” and I’m sure “We Can Work It Out”!