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The Colors of our LIves

The Colors of our Lives

Written by Jennifer Hunt Johnson When you connect with your family you see how the threads of your lives are woven with those of your ancestors in a beautiful tapestry. The threads and colors from your ancestors and family blend together in a vibrant   kaleidoscope. Life is richer when we come to know the people and stories that have inspired these colors. In the weaving of your life, many have contributed to the construction of the loom and the threads that support your tapestry. This is beautifully... Read More →

The Gordian Knot

Genealogists and the Gordian Knot or Alexander the Great Need Not Apply

Written by Lorraine I. Quillon At the beginning of Alexander the Great’s career, he entered Persia at the head of his army. Here he heard of a great king who had created a huge knot of rope. A prophecy had been made that anyone who could untie that knot would become the ruler of Asia. Alexander approached, raised what must have been an extremely sharp sword, and sliced the knot in half with one stroke of the blade. Although Alexander may have become “Great,” he certainly is not a good role... Read More →

Ruth E. Maness, AG

Conference on German and Scandinavian Research

Brush up on your German and/or Scandinavian research skills. We will be broadcasting live from Brookings, South Dakota this Friday and Saturday. The Brookings Area Genealogical Society and Family History Expos is sponsoring the event. Held at the Community Living Center, 625 5th Street, Bookings, SD. April 15-16, 2016, registration is only $35.00 for Friday evening and Saturday, with a total of eight classes to sharpen your research skills. Ruth Maness, AG will be teaching the classes. Ruth has... Read More →