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10 Ways Family History can Help your Family

by Jennifer Hunt Johnson Every day our children and grandchildren are bombarded with questionable messages about who they are and what they should expect from life. More than ever, they need to hear about our values and culture, and the experiences that have influenced their family through the generations. Life is richer when we come to know the people and stories that have shaped our lives. Do you have knowledge to share with the rising generation?   You may not have thought much about how family... Read More →

Searching for 40 Years

By way of introduction, you need to know that I have been researching one family for more than 40 years. And I still haven’t found either parents or even siblings for my poor third-great-grandfather! Needless to say, I have had times of serious discouragement, especially when I feel like I’ve done enough to merit finding that information. It was with one of those attitudes, after several days of solid (and seemingly fruitless) researching in the Family History Library, that I attended a class... Read More →