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The Heritage Collector System

LifeStory and Family History Expos Have Teamed Up!

We have worked with LifeStory for many years. They are exhibitors at many of our Expos and Retreats. We love their Heritage Collector System. If you do not already own “The Heritage Collector System” today is the day to download and try the Free Standard Version. Marlo and Holly have been working together for years with webinars, classes, and training that assists family history enthusiasts to share the results of the research with family and friends, especially youth! Sharing it in a... Read More →

Ask -the-Pros — Question and Answer — Patronymic or Matronymic

Question: What is a patronymic or matronymic? Answer: A patronym, or patronymic, is a name that is based on the name of the father, grandfather, or any important male in the family. Example: In Scandinavia the surname “Hansen” mean “Hans’ son” and “Carlson” means “Carl’s son”. patronymic → “pater” (“father) + “nym” (“name”) A matronym, or matronymic is part of a personal name based on the mother’s... Read More →

Assessing Scandinavian Information in FamilySearch’s Family Tree

In the Scandinavian or Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, (also Northern Germany and the Netherlands before 1811) the patronymic naming system was used. That means, a Scandinavian’s surname was formed by taking the first name of their natural father, and adding “–sen –sson or -datter –dotter” to it. It was a very good and necessary system for the time period it was in use. It also means, however, that you could find several people living in the same record... Read More →