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Family History

Compiling the Fourth Generation

As you compile your first three generations it is likely some of the persons you are documenting may still be alive depending on your age. As you move on to the fourth generation most of them will have passed away. All of my grandparents (3rd generation) were deceased by the time I was 15 years old. In my childhood I had only one great-grandparent (4th generation) living and she was very dear to me and I cherish my personal memories of her. As I began to collect the memories of my fourth generation... Read More →

Remembering Grandpa

Compiling the Third Generation

Compiling your first and second generations assists you in building skills and understanding the tools and document types that are helpful in building a correct family history. Using your personal family history software on your desktop is important. As have learned there are many online trees and global trees that have been shared by numerous people. Not everyone has taken the time to learn the skills and taken classes that assist in analyzing research. You are on your way and keeping track of your... Read More →

Remembering Mother

Compiling the Second Generation

After you have gathered and compiled your first generation you begin to recognize tools and documents that will assist you as you begin work on the second generation. At this point I recommend you have a desktop computer software application to assist you with organization. One that will interface with FamilySearch and other websites is recommended. Using a software program will assist in organization and quick retrieval of your data. I use Celebrating My Family Tree genealogy software for Windows. Compile... Read More →