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Stephen P. Morse Presents at Family History Expo in Sacramento May 2-3, 2014

Stephen P. Morse, Ph.D.

One-step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse is a website that contains tools for finding immigration records, census records, vital records, and for dealing with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets, and numerous other applications.

Stephen Morse received both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. He received the Award of Merit from the National Genealogical Society  here in the U.S., the first ever Excellence Award from the Association of Professional Genealogists, and other awards of merit.
Stephen Morse is a computer professional with a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 (the grandaddy of today’s Pentium processor), which sparked the PC revolution 30 years ago.
Genealogists are now blessed by his amazing abilities to create and use technology in ways that make using the computer and the Internet easier than ever before.
Come learn from Stephen P. Morse at the Family History Expo in Sacramento. He will be presenting four classes and is available for Q&A.