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Ringing in the New Year Online

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Holiday music is played continually from November through January. For many people, listening to holiday favorites and going to musical recitals and concerts is a major part of the holiday season. Some us enjoy listening to music online and downloading it too.

What music is a part of your holiday memories? What about your ancestors? Most of us are familiar with the holiday classics, but what about other songs that may have been sung in years past? Thanks to the Internet can find some great music online from long ago that we may otherwise never hear about.

The University of California in Los Angeles has an online Archive of Popular American Music covering the history of popular music in the United States from 1790 to the present. You can learn more about this collection online at One piece of their New Years Eve music from 1909 is about last years resolutions, Where Are They Now? You can view the sheet music online at

On the Library of Congress American memory website, there is a collection of 19th century sheet music entitled Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1870-1885. Included in this collection of over 47,000 pieces of sheet music is Grandfather’s Clock by Henry C. Work. Also, is a collection of Cotillion’s including piano music and dance instructions including, The Courtsey, The New Year’s Cotillion, The Sociable, Basket Cotillion, and Cauliflower Cotillion. Music can give us the flavor of live in era’s long past. Song and Dance took place of today’s television entertainment and probably more fun too! Check out this collection online at

Add music to your family this year and relive some of the songs of long ago. You can listen to or access sheet music through the online collection available from the New York Public Library here

Since I live in Utah and many of my ancestors were pioneers I have found that favorite hymns and folk music from Utah’s early pioneers can be enjoyed online by doing a Google search with the words “Utah Pioneer Songs” or “Mormon Folk Music.” You can enjoy reading the words and listening to the music of your ancestors too. Simply search for music in the area and times your ancestors lived. You’ll be surprised and excited by what you find.

Happy New Year!