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Ringing in the New Year Online

Holiday music is played continually from November through January. For many people, listening to holiday favorites and going to musical recitals and concerts is a major part of the holiday season. Some us enjoy listening to music online and downloading it too. What music is a part of your holiday memories? What about your ancestors? Most of us are familiar with the holiday classics, but what about other songs that may have been sung in years past? Thanks to the Internet can find some great music... Read More →

Family History Library

Family History Retreat at the FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

We love family history and know you do too! Come join us April 7-12, 2014 at the Family History Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have set up an opportunity for you to learn first hand how to research and use the Family History Library onsite and at home. You don’t have to be a professional to research like one! We have set up this event to assist you in focusing on the principles and strategies of research used by successful professionals. These same principles if used by the beginner and... Read More →

Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Vital Record Substitutes

Question: If you can’t find a vital record in the United States what can you do? Answer: Here are a couple of ideas to help when vital records are hard to find. To figure when civil registration of vital records began is a specific state you can look  “Redbook” available online through Ancestry. While civil registration is a relatively new tool for learning about ancestors vital recordings there is still hope. Church records are full of great stuff! Different religious organizations... Read More →

16 Documents Associated with a Single Marriage Contract, Really?

This year we are offering a series of Genealogy and Local History Retreats in various cities. At the Retreat we will be assisting attendees to learn about and understand the six basic record types used successfully by professionals to get the best results and break down research barriers that others seem to have such difficulty with. One of the basic record types we will be discussing is “Marriage Records.” You may think, “DOH! That’s a no brainer!” But, did you know at the time a marriage... Read More →

Important Websites to Help Your Research – Part Five

In this final article in this series, we will cover one of the most important parts of any genealogical research. There are basically three things you need to know to identify an ancestor: a name, a date and a place. Of these three, the most important, by far is the place. Names can vary over time and be spelled in a multiple of ways. Dates can be vague or unavailable. In order to find an ancestor, you have to know at least one place with certainty. The main reason is that genealogically important... Read More →