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New Events for 2014

We would like to wish our readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2013 has truly been a wonderful ‘Birthday Year’ for Family History Expos. Each of you have played a big part in the celebration. During the past ten years we have organized and executed literally hundreds of events. Personally, I (Holly) have listened to thousands of fascinating family history research and brick wall stories, thanks for sharing. I have also heard many people say, “I have been researching this line for 35 years, I wish I had known this 35 years ago!”

Therefore, we have increased the number is cities we will be offering Family History Retreats. These events are smaller by nature and give more personal attention to attendees. We will continue to have Expos in select cities. See our list of upcoming events and check back often as we are adding new events often. Expos have multiple track classes and accommodate several hundred people. Retreats are limited to 30 attendees at each event. In order to assist more individuals we need more people involved.

So, during this year of Celebration, Chris and I launched a new company “Celebrating Family History” (still in the soft launch phase). Celebrating Family History is a direct sales, network marketing company. We have researched every model available that would enable us to assist more people and quickly. With this model everyone who engages in the opportunity will benefit. Consultants and customers will have the opportunity for one-on-one interaction, home Celebrations, group activities and more.

Celebration Consultants set up home Celebrations where customers gather to learn about the products and services intended to stimulate  discovery and sharing of personal family history. We have a full line of products including software, charts, interview books, paper dolls, research aids,  with more to come. As our Consultants take time to assist their customers with understanding how to begin collecting, preserving, and sharing their family history the increasing interest will create a need for more in-depth research training.

Celebrating Family History Consultants will have the opportunity to request a Family History Expo or Family History Retreat to be held in their localities.

Family History Expos have always offered stellar training for family history researchers and it is now providing the training ground for Celebrating Family History Consultants who are interested in becoming presenters too. As Celebration Consultants become proficient and qualify to be presenters at Family History Expos events, more Expos and Retreats will be scheduled in additional cities. Thus, allowing more individuals the opportunity to receive proper training as they begin their research adventures.

We invite the passionate family history enthusiast who enjoys teaching and sharing with others to signup as an Independent Consultant with Celebrating Family History and reap the rewards of life changing service.

For more details please email and put ‘Celebration Consultant’ in the subject line or contact Celebrating Family History using the web form on our website.

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