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Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Native American and Slave Research


Will the Expos help me to trace mine and my husband Native American and slave roots. If not, where can I go to get help?


The answer to the first part of this question about whether or not attending a Family History Expo will help with your research, depends entirely on you and your research needs. But for an example, the upcoming Northern California Family History Expo has many classes that will assist with developing research strategies, regardless of the background of your ancestors. Past Expos have had classes specifically addressing both native american and slave research. You might want to purchase the syllabus for the Georgia Family History Expo in 2012 where there were several specific classes offered on these subjects.

As to the anser of the second, more general, question, I suggest going to the FamilySearch Research Wiki to begin your research. There is an introductory article entitled, Quick Guide to African American Records, that is a good place to begin. This article suggests dozens of place to look for more information. If your ancestors came from a specific area of the country, then the Research Wiki contains links to state and regional sources for additional research. There are over 1,600 articles in the Research Wiki that talk about African American records.

I would also give similar answer to the question about Native American ancestors. The FamilySearch Research Wiki has extensive articles on Native American Resources. I would suggest starting with the Research Wiki article on “American Indian Genealogy.” The resources outlined on this one page of the Research Wiki are extremely helpful in finding additional sources for information.

In both cases in Native American and Slave research, there are many more resources than it may seem at first to be available.

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