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Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Finding a professional


My great grandfather on my mother’s side came over from Denmark in 1906 so my research quickly requires someone that speaks and reads a different language, as well as knows the system for vital records for a different country.How do you connect with someone who can do all that? I tried through and also local universities thinking they might have a Danish language department that can point me to someone but finding someone who is fluent in Danish, let alone also knows the Danish vital records system, seems impossible.


Finding a specific professional genealogist may seem difficult, but there are a number of qualified people out there, but as you note, the trick is how to find them. We can suggest a number of different ways to find you Danish professional.

First, I would recommend the Association of Professional Genealogists or APG. You can search their website for genealogists who specialize in Danish research. In a recent search, I found over twenty professional genealogists who were doing Danish research. You might also want to contact, this company is owned by, but has the resources to provide Danish genealogical research.

I might also suggest the article, Hiring a Professional Genealogist Resource Guide in the FamilySearch Research Wiki for more general information.

I might also suggest that you use the FamilySearch Research Wiki to learn about doing Danish research yourself. You might start with the article Danish Research: Getting Started.

As for the translation problems, you might want to try using Google Translate. You can use this free program to translate individual words or whole webpages.

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