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U.S. Civil War CDs added to Family History Expos Catalog

Did you know that the Family History Expos Catalog is expanding to include an extensive collection of U.S. Civil War source reference CDs? These and many other items are located under the Shop tab from the Family History Expos startup page. Take a moment to browse through the catalog. You might be surprised at what you will find.

The recent additions for sale in the catalog under Books & Charts, include the following:

This is a complete list of commissioned officers of the U.S. from the organization of the Army, September 29, 1789, to the year of the list’s original publication in 1903, giving the officers’ full names and showing their services as cadets and all services as officers or enlisted men, either in the regular or volunteer service. The heart of the work, Part II, an alphabetical listing of the officers, runs to some 20,000 entries. Each entry contains a brief paragraph on the officer giving his state or country where born, state from which originally appointed, date of induction, rank, date of discharge, promotions, medals, battles participated in, and, in about a fifth of the entries, date of death after leaving the Army. This monumental book is actually a lot more than a listing of the officer corps, as crucial as that is. Rather, it is a handbook on the men, events, and terminology of American military life during the years of its coverage.

This Official Records Index assists you in accessing details in quite possibly the most revolutionary – and popular – Civil War research tool currently on the market, The Official Records of the American Civil War (O.R.) all 128 volumes.

No serious study of the American Civil War is complete without consulting the Official Records, generally known as the ‘OR’ officially titled, The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. These records are compiled in 127 volumes and a general index. The 128 volumes provide the most comprehensive, authoritative, and voluminous reference on Civil War operations. The reports in the Official Records are those of the principle leaders.

This CD contains the full text – over 100,000 pages in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

To see these and many other items for sale in the catalog, click here.

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