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RootsTech was Just the Right Medicine

As a genealogy and family history event planner I don’t always get to attend the classes and take notes at our Expos because I’m so busy with administrative responsibilities.

It was a real pleasure to attend classes every hour, to meet and greet friends and bloggers in the exhibit hall. The days flew by so fast it is amazing.

This was just the shot in the arm I needed as we are planning our next events. We got the scoop on what is new with FamilySearch and we can bring that to you via our Expos.

One of my favorite classes was an Un-Conferencing session with Gordon Clarke moderating a panel discussion. The panel consisted of programmers from RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, Ancestral Quest, and AncestorSync. The talked about Desktop Genealogy and/or Online Genealogy Trees. It was fascinating to discover the differences. One thing that was agreed hands down by the panel and web-developers in the audience is that desktop programs are more powerful and will be around for years to come. Even if a website goes away a person will have access to their desktop application.

It was discussed about how many users still use PAF and it has been more than 10 years since it has been updated. Web applications are constantly changing and that can be good or bad for the user.

I took an Evernote class for power users from Tonia Kendrick and really enjoyed that.

Yes, I found myself in several classes offered by FamilySearch and was delighted by the emphasis they have on collaboration and working together with our research to avoid duplication and speed up access to records via indexing, FamilyTree, and more.

It was an inspiring conference and I’ve already marked my calendar for next year.

I look forward to seeing you at an Expo this year. And meeting up with you at RootsTech next year too. If you haven’t attended an event on this scale you should try it at least once. We promise to bring the same type of classes and offerings but on a smaller scale at the Expos.

See you soon!

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