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Special Introductory Launch Savings From Family ChartMasters Expires 02/22/13

Zap The Grandma Gap

Are the youth in your family more attached to their iPod or laptop screen than they are to you? How do you connect to your family members and form the kind of close relationships that will support and strengthen them as they grow into successful and grounded adults? Teaching your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and even your brothers and sisters about their family history can create strong bonds in your family and become a framework that protects and empowers your relationships. Family history connects family members in a way that is personal and unique to your family. It especially gives children the power to identify with personal heroes, learn life lessons and gain a broad, wise perspective on life.

You may be thinking, sure but my family’s eyes roll back in their heads and they suddenly have pressing engagements they have to attend to when we start to talk about family history. Super Grandma comes to the rescue. In the new book Zap the Grandma Gap : Connect With Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History, you’ll find specific ideas, examples and step by step instructions to take your family history from snoring and boring to exciting and inviting. Super Grandma will teach you all the tips and tricks to connect you and your family back to your own super grandmas and grandpas in simple and easy ways that will bind your family together and strengthen your relationships.

Along with the launch of the book, a new website has been created full of resources to help families connect with their family history. The website establishes a gathering place where people can submit their best ideas and learn from each other how to strengthen the coming generation. Included in the site are a multitude of free resources including:

  • A FREE 28 page excerpt of the book including table of contents.
  • A FREE 24 page excerpt of the workbook with examples of the great ideas to involve your family.
  • A FREE 35 page workbook for children to begin to record their own lives and explore their family history
  • A FREE weekly newsletter with 52 additional ways to engage your family with their family history
  • FREE 8.5×11 pedigree charts and resources for other genealogy charts
  • An extensive list of resources collected from all over the web
  • Links to the FREE Zap the Grandma Gap blog, facebook and twitter feeds with additional ideas for connecting your family with their past.

“Zap The Grandma Gap is not only a good read but a great reference book for creating fun family centered activities that treasures and builds firm family values.” Holly T. Hansen, President Family History Expos Inc.

We are offering a special price just to Family History Expos patrons at $19.95 until the 22nd of February (regular $23.95) And there will be a workbook to go with the book released in March. You can pre-order the workbook now for the $19.95 price and Family ChartMasters will ship it to you for free in March. That’s a savings of $13 on the set. It is a great price for the hundreds of ideas that are sure to get your family excited about their family history.

So take a look at the excerpts today and get a feel for the great ideas that you can put to work in your family right now. Your family will be closer, more connected, and headed for a bright future when you utilize your family history as the powerful parenting tool that it is.

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