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Family History Expos’ Major Website Upgrade is Here

Over the past week, Family History Expos has been transitioning to its new faster and updated website. All of us at Family History Expos are thrilled with the new site. Most of the changes are not visible but will ultimately result in a much faster and more responsive website. The transition has not been without problems. For you, as users of the site, we beg your pardon for any problems in access. If you have problems with the new site, please let us know at or call us at 1-801-829-3295.... Read More →

Major website upgrade coming from Family History Expos

During the past few months, Family History Expos has been building a new version of their website to optimize the features and speed up response times. The new site will be implemented on January 20th. There may be some slight disruption in the use of the old site as it is transitioned to the new site, but the change should not create any major problems with access. If you experience any issues with the transition, please come back later or email us at or call us at 1-801-829-3295... Read More →

Register Now for Arizona Family History Expo 2013

Only one week to go! We are very excited to be coming back to the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, AZ for the Arizona Family History Expo 2013 on January 18-19, 2013.  Take advantage of our pre registration for only $79. Onsite registration will begin and the exhibit hall will open at noon on Friday January 18th. The event will close at 8:30 p.m. Exhibits and registration will re-open at 9 a.m. on Saturday. The exhibit hall will close at 4 p.m. Prizes donated by exhibitors will be given away both... Read More →

Heritage Collector from Family History Expos

H e r i t a g e Co l l e c t o r S u i t e ORGANIZE Make photo organization fast and easy. Organize and find photos, documents, audio files, video clips and more. PHOTO MANAGEMENT Keep associated photos and files together. Create and update photo collections as you acquire more photos and information. SHARE Share your photos and documents by creating Slide Shows Storybooks Calendars GPS and more… Family History Software Helps you organize, label photos, use a cloud, find... Read More →

Call for Presenters for Family History Expos

In 2013 Family History Expos celebrates “10 Years of Service” to the genealogical community. Our theme this year is “Top 10 Techniques: Fishing for Ancestors & Other Persons of Interest.” We invite you to join our celebrations this year as we enter into our second decade of research assistance to family history enthusiasts. Desired topics include “Top 10 Ideas for Researchers Who:” Want to research like a pro Are online all the time Seek tips and tricks for... Read More →