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Connect with Family or Advertise with Classified Ads

Family History Expos, Classified Ads

Searching for a long lost ancestor?

Trying to connect with family members who are still presumed living?

Have a genealogical service or product to buy or sell?

Put your classified ad before Expo conference attendees and then follow up with more exposure on our website by placing your ad in our classifieds. Ads will be distributed to each attendee at our upcoming Family History Expo, and posted here on our website for the whole world to see.

Current Deadline

In order to have your ad distributed to the attendees at the upcoming Georgia Family History Expo 2012, you must submit your ad by, no later than, Monday, October 15, 2012.

Your ad will be available to be read by all attendees at our Family History Expo and others around the world! Just imagine, the most dedicated researchers in the geographic area of your ancestors reading your classified ad!
Expo attendees are coming from throughout the United States and Canada, get listed today!
Ads will run on the Family History Expos website for three months from the date they are posted.
Cost: $50 for 50 words (350 characters) or less. Your name, address, and email are FREE!

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