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Where Ol’ Dogs Learn New Tricks!

With the 2011 New Year just a few hours away I’m excited to be creating my wish list, going over my goals, and working on all the 2011 Expos, the place where ol’ dogs learn new tricks and young puppies learn old ones.

I have Expos on the brain and with all the snow outside I don’t have much motivation to ride my bike. Lucky you!

Happy New Year “all ya’all!” :-)

My top wish is that together we will experience a healthy and prosperous New Year, with peace and harmony in our families. My top business goal is to launch the new website! The amazing and improved “Family History Expos” website! Our proposed date is January 7th and by crikey we better reach it!

Another business goal for 2011 is to increase the awareness of blogs and bloggers to the family history researcher.

My personal blog goal is to write more of my personal experiences on my very own Genealogy Biker Blog. This is the place I talk about the miracles of running a business and working out my brain and body.

My top personal goal is to increase my communication skills in positive and meaningful ways with my family and friends.

I experience miracles everyday in my personal life, with the business, and of course witnessing them in the lives of my family and friends. I am grateful for all the miracles I enjoy and witness each day.

Now, I want to share my personal miracle of coming up with the theme for our 2011 Expos!

A couple years ago we wrote a press release for our Expo in Redding, California. We took pictures of my daughter’s dog and titled it “We teach old dogs new tricks!” the response for that one article was amazing. I loved it and knew that it would be a great theme. Next I asked a few trusted friends if they minded be called an Ol’ Dog. Heh heh, :-), only one did. I thought about her words and it just kept coming to me that an ol’ dog is a best friend. Well, I love my best friends and would do anything for them if possible. I want more best friends than I had last year, it is fun to have best friends. The miracle of coming up with our new theme is tied to having best friends to count on and is one that I’m eternally grateful for.

When we plan an Expo it is my desire to have top notch classes, exhibits, experiences and all the fun stuff possible. I think about all my old friends and what they would like to discover. I think about all my new friends, yet to be friends, their research needs and I know what I want to learn.  It is a great combination of wants, needs, and desires. At the Expos we get to experience the joy of learning, new research tips & tricks, we get exposed to new technologies, and reminded of proven techniques that work. Family History Expos truly is the place where ol’ dogs learn new tricks and young puppies learn old ones.

Happy New Year and I’ll meet YOU in “The Blog House!”



Holly T. Hansen, President at Family History Expos, Inc.

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