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Support the Preserving the American Historical Record Act

Preserving the American Historical Record Act,  Senate Bill S.3227 , if authorized would create a competitive grant program that wound fund archive programs in every state at every level.  This bill introduced by Senators Orrin Hatch and Carl Levin would “authorize the Archivist of the United States to make grants to States for the preservation and dissemination of historical records.”

The Deseret News for April 19th, quotes Sen. Hatch as saying about this bill, “This legislation will allow state and local governments to make more historic documents — birth, death and marriage certificates, among many others — available to researchers and citizens. It will also provide employment opportunities in communities across the country.”

This is an important step to providing genealogists, historians and other researchers’ access to historic documents.  To make this bill a reality, contact your Senators and let him/her know how important this issue is to you.  Join Family History Expos in supporting the Preserving the American Historical Record Act. Write your Senators now, with a show of support, this legislation could be passed this year.

To learn more about this bill, background information, those who support it and to download a sample support letter see the website Preserving the American Historical Record .  You can read the Deseret News article here.

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