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April 2010 Family History Expos Newsletter

Welcome to the April Family History Expos Newsletter! This month we were at the Family History Library for our April Research Retreat.  Our professional genealogists and staff assisted Retreat goers with breaking down their brick walls. We will be placing special emphasis on immigrant ancestors. As you research, it’s a good idea to be constantly learning.  Keeping up by reading genealogy magazines and journals, blogs, social networking tools, genealogy websites and asking the opinion... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Census Transcribing

There’s nothing like finding an ancestor on the U.S. Federal Census to get your family history research going.  But it can be difficult to remember and read the columns on a census record.  In some cases you may find it easier to transfer information you find on the census onto another form. Don’t recreate the wheel; there are several websites that provide you with free census forms that you can use for your family history research. One way to make transcribing easier and neater... Read More →

Support the Preserving the American Historical Record Act

Preserving the American Historical Record Act,  Senate Bill S.3227 , if authorized would create a competitive grant program that wound fund archive programs in every state at every level.  This bill introduced by Senators Orrin Hatch and Carl Levin would “authorize the Archivist of the United States to make grants to States for the preservation and dissemination of historical records.” The Deseret News for April 19th, quotes Sen. Hatch as saying about this bill, “This legislation... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Free Census Websites

Searching the United States Federal Census can be a beginning step to learning more about your ancestor.  But where do you look if   you do not have a subscription to a paid genealogy website?  How do you find free census images or transcriptions online? Family Search adds genealogical record images and transcriptions from all around the world every month with the help of their indexing volunteers. By clicking on the tab “Search Records” and then clicking on the link “Record... Read More →

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

by Christine Sharbrough, CG Writing personal letters is a lost art. In these days of email, it almost seems like putting pen to paper is an outdated though quaint way of communication. However, as genealogists, we understand how important those letters have been to our family history research. Imagine, for example, that our ancestors never wrote anything down but relied solely on speech. What a tragic loss that would be – centuries of history lost forever. Admittedly, in the far past... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Wildcard Searches

How do you search your favorite website or search engine? If you are only entering a name, spelling it out fully, you are missing possible hits. A wildcard allows you to expand your search term to include misspellings, spelling variations and nicknames.  A wildcard allows you to take a name like Mary, change it to Mar* and now you are expanding your search for variations including Marie, Marian, Marry, and Martha. What is a wildcard?  It is a placeholder of sorts.  It tells a search engine... Read More →

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy — Week #14 Search Engines

By Christine Sharbrough, CG I was eager to try this week’s blogging prompt about search engines – it contained a few that I had either not tried or had not heard of. I will preface this post by saying that as a general rule, I do not recommend this approach when researching your family. However, as an adjunct to sound genealogy research, it can be a way to find additional clues. The Yahoo Search: I used my surname “Sharbrough” as a keyword search. The top ten listings... Read More →

Family History Expos Welcomes Christine Sharbrough, CG

Contact Info: For more information: Holly T. Hansen, President 801-829-3295 Family History Expos, Inc. has expanded its popular exhibitions to include the East Coast and the Mid-Western United States in 2010. The company has also announced the addition of a full-time event coordinator to facilitate this growth. The Utah-based company headquartered in Croydon, Utah, has been holding successful Expos throughout the Western United States for six years. Through classes and hands-on... Read More →

Weekly Tip: Finding Death Records

Information on your ancestor’s death is not limited to a death certificate. In fact, depending on the time period, civil registration may not be an option. You can find a comprehensive list of what death records are available online through Joe Beine’s  website Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records . Here you can search for online records by state and county.  Some larger cities like Chicago and Los Angeles have their own page of links. Not sure when vital registrations... Read More →